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Seasons are more fabulous with Fashion!

By: :Diosa DeAgostine 0 comments
Seasons are more fabulous with Fashion!
I admit it!  I truly  am one of the people who look forward to the change of seasons for the looks Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  So I am now thinking, "oh the sweaters, cardigans, hats, gloves, scarfs, the colors, the textures and I would add a cup of hot cocoa to the picture too!"   This got me so excited when I saw all the beautiful things we can wear this season!  Have you seen the combinations of Fall colors with animal prints?  You have to go see them I assure you you will love them!  If for any reason this season is not calling you, add some Spike to it and try to live life as colorful as possible.  I just love how fashion can help us spike our moods and brighten our seasons in life.  Live life with spark, live it with Spikes!